Inspired by Stefan Sagmeister’s project “Things I have learned in my life so far” and the many professional and personal experiences and turmoil in the ­rst year since my graduation from the Zagreb School of Design I created a series of 3d minimalist typographic posters illustrating the simple maxims and thoughts I had come to perceive. This series is called 10 Things I have learned in 2013.

Ivorin Vrkas

Orin Ivan Vrkaš (1988.) is Ivorin. He is one of the founders of Rational International, a creative communications collective. Awards include: Red Dot Communication Design Award, Magdalena Grand Prix. 

I think it was Joe Sparano who said that good design is obvious, but great design is transparent – something along the lines of Mies van der Rohe’s „Less is more“. While I absolutely respect the context in which this is true, I feel that in general, it really does not do justice to the many visual solutions that play with varying degrees of „illustrative“ content. Depending on the ­nal recipient of the work, the cultural context of the piece and the emotional and rational identity of the author I feel there is cause to warrant any and every amount of chaos or order that can be visualised (and sometimes just thought of).